Thursday, 2 February 2017

How does one become addicted to drugs?

The question of how one becomes or can become addicted to drugs is especially asked by none drug addicts who can't but wonder how on earth someone eventually becomes an addict to drug. I mean,someone who is a drug addict may not be able to ask himself that question except he really wants to change and come out of the  addiction. How then does one become addicted to drugs?

Every drug addict begins taking drugs bit by bit. For a start,he may take just one in a day,if he likes what it gives,he may try it again but this time he may take it more than one time a day. Gradually,his brain begins to accommodate it,and before you know it,it becomes his every day thing. How then does one become addicted to drugs? It is very simple! Just the same way we all are addicted to foods so does a drug user get addicted to drugs. Just like one gets hungry for food,and can not be at ease until he gets fed,so will a drug user not be at any ease until he takes drugs. The moment a drug user feels an urge to take drugs and he tries to control it  but didn't succeed the moment he should know that he is already addicted to drugs. How else does one get addicted to drugs?

A drug user who takes drugs for the purpose of getting high or extremely strong will always find delight in taking drugs at anytime. He doesn't care if it is harmful to his health or not,even if you tell him,all he knows is that the use of drugs is good for him as long as it makes him feel like a superman. Drugs then become an every day use for him even being more important than food for him.

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