Monday, 6 February 2017

how a good person can turn bad

Hey,you know of any good person who suddenly turned bad? Do you wonder why on earth someone good can turn bad over night? Yes,I used to wonder until I find an answer which am here to give you. But first let us look at a story of someone who once was very good,but suddenly turned bad.

You know Satan don't you? He was once a very special spirit creature in heaven,serving his creator obediently. One day,he began to think special of himself and wonder why every creature in heaven and on earth worships only God. So he then powerfully influenced a serpent who spoke to Eve and lured her into disobeying God,their creator,and listened to the voice of the devil.

This is very simple. It is so simple that you can as well change ,turn from good to bad. God made humans with free will for man to choose for himself what he should do and face whatever consequences that follows it.

Now,imagine that you are watching a home movie one day and you see people in their nakedness,romancing each other. In your mind,you think -aah this must be sweet. But you are not married.Every now and then,you begin to nurture the feelings and before long,your desire for having s** will grow very strong. Are you saying that if an opportunity presents itself,you will resist it? I doubt. Because,you have developed a strong desire for it.

Do you ever think that anyone is born and destined to become an armed robber or any immoral person? Never. Whoever that is into any evil activity does so out of his choice or desire. Desire when it becomes fertile,gives birth to sin says the scripture!

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