Sunday, 26 February 2017

how is fear an attribute? -fearless heart,fear and trembling,fear brings torment,

In all over the world,there has not be anyone found or born to be unfearful,not even the greatest magicians on earth. Fear in a way is not a virtue,it can make one loss his respect. Fear,makes us look fragile,even when we are not. Fear,makes us forfeit a lot of things in life. How then is this fear,an attribute? Consider:

pain makes you stronger
fear makes you braver
heartbreak makes you wiser. Read more: some practical ways to reduce anxiety

All of the statements above are true,but we are looking at fear being an attribute. It says here that ''fear makes you braver''. How? Okay,have you ever feared that danger lies ahead of you in a lowly dark path? When you looked front,you could see no one coming in sight. Then when you looked behind,all you could see was total darkness! Then what did you do? Am sure nothing,than to take up the only option  of moving ahead,and facing your greatest fear. Yes,you did it,and you made it!

Fear makes us to feel,that there are many challenges ahead of us in life. But that is true. Beating it,will not only make us stronger,but braver.

 Most times,many mighty men lost their lives for pretending there are no dangers ahead of them. Having fear makes one to be calculative,knowing if it is a risk worth  taking or not. Fear is an attribute,because,it can help save your life.

Many times too,it is only fear that can make one take up an action. For example,a friend of mine once told me that fear of being called a failure,makes him take up a project he wasn't sure he could achieve. Fear, again made him put more effort to succeed,so as not to be called a coward!

It is true. Fear calls for success,fear calls for achievement. The only way fear is bad is when we allow it take a better place in our life,hindering us from taking up necessary actions. Fear is an attribute,when we make it be a push to achieving our aims!!!

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