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Employment is one of the most essential assets a man must have before considering marriage. In fact,in the absence of employment for a man,he man may not be able to get married until he is able to secure a source of income raising. What if a man finally secures a good job and later has his family,and he is being transfered to a distance place that could separate him from his family,what should he do? Should he resign from his job in order to be with his family? Does job transfer in any way affect family relationship? Let's find out! Read more: the only remedies to job transfer problem for your family

A family is made up of husband,wife and children. The unity,corporation,and understanding of these three cords  make a family relationship strong,and healthy. In fact,the staying together of these people in a family makes the welbeing of a family,and makes a family bond tighter.

Many researches have proven that children who are raised in a close family relationship grow to be better and more responsible children. The reason is that one single parent cannot raise a child in a more better way than it should have been when both parent jointly and unitedly do the same.

One adage says: 'The family that stays together,prays together'. And I ask: How can this be possible when one of the family's head  would have been transfered to a distance state because of his job? The truth of the matter is that many homes have shattered  due to job transfer. First,the husband may not be able to fulfill the emotional and s*xual needs of his wife when she needs him. If she is the type that lacks self control,the situation can make her go out and cheat on her husband. Many wives have been caught,even bringing men into their matrimonial homes,sent packing out,and finally lost their marriages.

Another effect of job transfer can have on one's family relationship is lack of trust.Of course,you know that not every woman would trust that her husband will be faithful to her somewhere else. This is because,many men on being transfered on their jobs to distance places from their families,end up getting married to other women in places where they've been transfered to.  This situation has also broken many marriages,brought about distrust among family members,and making a man have more than one wife at at time.

The risk associated to traveling often to see one's family is another effect of job transfer. Many have been struck dead in accidents while others sustain serious internal injuries which still leave them with serious loss at the end of the day.

In summary,job transfer has never been the best thing that has happened to any family. Yes,it could bring money to the family,put good foods at the table,and pay children's school fees,but the effects such has making children stay far from one of the parents,losing family bond,causing distrust between husband and wife,and the risk associated to traveling often are some of the effects that job transfer can have in a family relationship.

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