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In our previous article-The effects of marital problems on children,we could see that children being part of a family see and hear everything that happens in their family. More so is when their parents have unresolved conflicts,problems,and unbearable situations. The tensions,and emotional trauma children deal with in families that have marital issues,are numerous. What then can parents do to safe their children from all of these problems? This article is here to address it.

Unlike the traditional settings where parents do not respect the feelings of their children and fight and quarrel before them,parents today can also trash out their issues and misunderstanding in their inner or private room. For example,a friend of mine in Gambia says concerning this: 'We do know sometimes that our parent have issues between themselves,but just when they settle it,we do not know.'  Isn't this wonderful?  It is so romantic of this beautiful couple in Gambia,who would not want to involve their children in their own marital problems. To leave their children out of their marital problem,they surely would have settled their differences in their private room,doing so in their lowest tone,or when their children are away to school or somewhere else.Read more: the effects of marital problem on children

Other parents in leaving their children out of their marital problem,choose to go somewhere outside their homes like a hotel,or a lodge somewhere,and let the steam out of their hearts to each other. These kind of parents are the kind that would not want their children to grow in an environment of strive,and quarrels. All they want is for their children to have a peaceful atmosphere in their home.

Choosing to settle marital problems away from children is an act of respect parent give their children. Of course children never deny the fact that they have never seen their parents quarrel or have misunderstanding at any time,but that just when their parents settle their issues they do not use to know.

The purpose of settling marital problems away from children is to save children of emotional trauma,and other effects that result from marital issues. Children already have their own problems in life,and adding further problems to them will add more burden to them.

Settling problems amicably between a couple gives assurance to children that understanding and happiness build a home. When children grow up from a happy home, it will also help build a happy society of mankind now,and forever!

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