Sunday, 5 February 2017

how sin can rule your life

The word 'sin' means to lose the mark of perfection. in part,it means absence of perfection,or incompleteness. Since mankind,has lost perfection,realizing we are not complete,can we ever do anything that will please God? Will we not always do things wrongly? Can we ever please God? How then can sin rule your life?

Understandably,we are humans,we can make mistakes. But the Scripture has made it easy for us to please God despite our imperfect nature,by providing guidelines for our instructions. These are the do's and don'ts set out in the Holy Scripture,for example,do not steal,do not take the wife of your brother,do not kill,and all of that. The do's and don'ts when followed as set out in the scripture can not only help us to do things right,it can also save our lives. How exactly ca sin rule your life?


Sin as we all know is a state of imperfection or incompleteness. It is also the push in us to commit immoral acts at one point in time or the other. But gladly,we have seen that we can fight it,and do what is right by following the guidelines set in the scriptures. However,there are those who have allowed sin to rule their life. How does sin rule your life?

By not acting according to the law set in the bible,you will only find and do things that are pleasing to you. How can an imperfect you do what is pleasing to you and expect to please God?

By ignoring the law as it's set out in the bible,or in any other holy book,you can never do things meeting up to the creator's standard. Sin can rule your life if you always have to do things wrongly,as long as it  seems good in your eyes.
Everyone has the tendency to do wrong or evil, when such urge comes,and you yield to it as often as it does come,without fighting against it,you are making sin rule your life.

Don't obey the desires to do wrong,do not give in to your sinful thought or desires,be in control of your life,otherwise,you would have allowed sin to control your life!!!

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