Tuesday, 7 February 2017



Hey,do you have a boyfriend? Are you scared that if you lie down with your boyfriend and have relation with him,you will get pregnant? Okay,I understand.Someone dear to you have told you that if you meet your man I mean your boyfriend during your ovulation period you will surely be pregnant? Have you been taking one pill or the other to avoid pregnancy and it fails you? Then you are looking for how to avoid unwanted pregnancy right?

Okay,listen,you see,pregnancy does not come by chance. In fact no one,I repeat,no woman on earth can ever get pregnancy by having a hand shake with a man,or by having a romantic kiss with him,nooo. Sweet heart,you can only become pregnant when you lie down with your boyfriend and open your two legs for him. If you just open your two legs for him and he does not penetrate into your vaginal like a snake penetrates into a hole,then dearie,you can never become pregnant. See,let me teach you. If you and your boyfriend are on heat I mean,having some romantic feelings that can make both of you want to touch your bodies and maybe you don't know when you open your two legs for him and he makes lets his penis enter into your vagina,chances that you will get pregnant are 50,50. For example,if you are in your ovulation period and both of you meet in  bed and his sperm,of course he must release it before coming out then sweet,you must get pregnant! This is because,that sperm he has deposited inside you must break the egg which has been released during your ovulation.So,do you still want to know how to avoid unwanted pregnancy?

Why would you even call the pregnancy which results in having s*X with your boyfriend unwanted pregnancy?  When you were f**king down yourself,what did you expect to get? Water and stone abi? See,if you do not want to get pregnant,don't just think about opening your legs to one man who hasn't even deem  it fit enough to pay your bride price. Leave pregnancy to those who are married,and don the things of ladies........

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