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 Taking care of children as a  couple is a stressful  task,how much more this can be for a single parent to do so. There are different kinds of single parent. There are parents,single by virtue of fact that say the woman has a romantic affair with her boyfriend,and she becomes pregnant,being denied of any marriage rites and the responsibility of the pregnancy. In this case,when she gives birth,she would become a single parent. Another kind of single parent there is,is a situation,whereby a wife loses her husband,and vise versa,and have to take care of their children,all alone,by oneself. What about the state of divisiveness where a couple is divorced or separated? Yes, it surely results to single parenting. How can one become a successful single parent? This is the focus of our discussion here.

The training of children begins from infancy,that is,when children are still very young. To make it easy for a single parent,he or she has to set a plan on how to realize and achieve this task,and works towards it. Children can be very stubborn,but training them can be easy especially when they see you as a friend,and a parent. Being a friend to your kids will make it a little easier to succeed as a single parent.

Needs as we all know are insatiable.Yes,it is even more so with children who would want everything they see like toys of different colors,clothing,shoes,and even things they may not have the needs for. If your children request a lot of things,how would you respond?  Kindly tell them what is available. An example of one woman here would be of help:

A woman I know so much who also is a single parent usually tells her children whenever they request a lot of things from her: 'We have only 20 pounds for now in this house. We can only buy a few things with it like...we can buy a toy and shoes with it,but it can't buy you any cloth.' It is very simple. Whenever her children request a lot of things from her,she would tell them what could be obtainable at the moment,so that the children can make their choice on their own. In this way,they will not have to feel they are being deprived of anything.

As a single parent,involve your children in many things you do. Give them opportunity to participate with you,so that they can help out in solving certain problems with you. By so doing,you will be able to raise responsible children,who will eventually grow up,to help themselves,and cover some stress for you.

Whenever,people present themselves to help you,please,do not hesitate to accept. But take control of the whole situation,making sure,it is all for good.

Single parenting can never be an easy thing for anyone to do. In addition to all that have been said,try to meet other single parents like you who have been successful,and find out their own secret!!!

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