Friday, 24 February 2017

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Academic,is not any easy at all,even in the way it sounds,so is its embodiment. Academics is the work of the brain,which also involves all our body senses and at the same time,it drains our energies. How can you be a successful student in midst of stress? Let us consider.

First and foremost,I want you to know that student,is from the head word study. This means,that what makes you a student is that you have to study,so if you really want to succeed as a student,you must study!

Schools where people are sent to become students offer a huge environment for you to be free. It is only in school that your parent may not detect to you what to do. You absolutely have to choose for yourself,what you really want to do with your free time,and if you are not careful,you may end up doing something very stupid that may ruin your career at the end of the day. So,choose wisely,your friends and associate!

The kinds of friends you keep in school determine you academic performance. For example,if your friends are the naughty types who do not take seriously their studies,sooner or later,they will influence you to do the same. In this way,you will have to be dropping in your academic performance. Oooh,so bad!!!

While in school,have or join a study group. This is because,students who form study group are serious and right minded students,who really want to succeed in their academics. When you join this group,the truth is that you are in sure way to succeed in your your academics.

Again,be on the way of competition. Don't run away from it even when others are ahead of you. Have courage to try harder than ever,to be as good as others,and before long,you will get there.

You know,there is nothing that drains energy as human brain especially,when you channel it to reading and studying. So my dear student,eat well as if your success in school depends on feeding well,as you study,as if everything you need do to succeed in your academics depends on studying.

Moreover,to be a successful student,rest when you are tired,and sleep well,when it is time for you to do so!!!

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