Tuesday, 7 February 2017

how to be sure you are truly successful

Hey dearie,could anything be worse than failure? Yes, and that is false success! The feeling that you are already there,when in true sense,you are nowhere.

Do people,friends and neighbors tell you that you are truly a successful person? Do you also feel the same way by looking at the things that you have? Then,that means that you my friend are truly successful. Let us look at how to be truly successful in your business.

 One of it is Employee Satisfaction
Do you have happy, motivated employees who are satisfied,and are busy working hard for you? If you do,start counting yourself as one who is on the path of success because, their productivity is the engine that fuels the business through which your name will be made. If employees are smiling at customers, then the customer feels good. If each employee is working beyond their role, then the business flourishes. Here is an experience of someone who has truly been successful,ad what you should do.

'In my own company, I've focused on creating a comfortable work environment that gives employees everything they need to do their jobs well, and I also work to have my team enjoy their work while they are doing it. For my remote staff, I've also ensured that they feel satisfied with the work they have and regularly let them know just how much I appreciate their hard work. I also work to insure that my remote staff feels like they are a part of the entire team - and that they are not alone. I make myself available, when they have questions so they don't become frustrated because of non-communication. Happy employees mean a happy (successful) business'.

  The second point on how to be sure  that you are truly successful is the Number of Customers: 
Every company needs customers. There should never be a time when you should feel that you have enough customers. Having this feeling will make your hands drop down,and deaden your spirit of business strategies. Your measure of success should show a growing customer base with a steady stream of leads in the pipeline. Those pioneering customers were exciting to you, and always expect  to see more and more people show an interest and buy what business you have. That is how to be sure you are truly successful and then say: 'The countless hours of research and marketing had finally paid off.
Yet, that true measure of success in terms of number of customers was just temporary. I had to keep working hard - and work smarter - to attract more of my target audience'.

 The third point on how be sure you are truly successful is time
The reason determining how you spend your time each day is a real measure of success is because this tells you if you have been able to delegate, create an efficient organization, and it determines what your main priorities need to be as the leader of a company. Do not do every task all by yourself. Learn to delegate others to your employees, and build in them, a fantastic, trusted team.
This will give you more time to focus on those strategic areas where I excel, helping to provide a clearer direction for your company.

In conclusion,the only way to measure success,or to know how to be sure you are truly successful is to have people around you acknowledge it,and then,feel  the blessings yourself. The above tips are sure measures on having being tested to ensure that they make your business flourish,and truly make you successful!!

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