Tuesday, 21 February 2017

how to control tension and depression-tension and release,tension free,

Of all causes,the major cause of tension is uncertainty. Not being sure of anything could cause a lot of tension and depression. How then can one control tension and depression? Read more: some practical ways to reduce anxiety

Since tension is caused by uncertainty,which brings about worry,one has to watch out for any sign of uncertainty,and get deal with it. For example,let's say that you are at home and you got a sign that a stranger just came into your territory. The normal reaction this time is fear. Fear of the unknown,and that is because of  uncertainty. You agree with me that until you are sure of whether someone comes in or not,you will continue to be in tension. I have an experience.  When I was in school hostel at one lonely night,I saw a flash of torchlight coming towards my hall. For not knowing who it was,whether it was the school security or some gangs,I became so much afraid. Then,the tension grew so strong in me,that I thought someone had already grabbed hold of me. Then the next thing I did was to get up and shouted: Who is that? Show your face here! And then I heard the voice: 'Is that a student there? Relax,we are the security'. Then I felt much at ease when I recognized them.

The truth of the matter is that until one finds out the truth about the on going event,one will continue to suffer tension and depression. Like our people say: Know the truth,and the truth will set you free.

Another way you can control tension and depression is by discussing your worries to trusted friends. Open up your heart and let out your worries to them. Again,like my people say: 'Problem shared,is problem half solved'.

Above all things,always remember that thinking can neither take away any problems,nor bring a solution to it. By thinking,you are adding more to your tension and anxiety.

When under tension,take a deep sleep each and every night,and make sure that you also have a good diet regularly. In this way,you can be free of tension and depression!!!

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