Thursday, 2 February 2017

how to cope with bereavement

 Death is an enemy which no one can see but can feel.If there is any pain which pierces into the heart and bounces back on you with lots of tears,it is the pain as a result of losing a loved one to death. Loved ones can either be a blood relative,or a very close friend. They are people you share your stories and feelings with who have always been there for you,and with you. Imagine that some day,you hear that such a dear one is no more.That you can no longer have any business with him,that he has gone to a place far away from you,and that you may not see him again. Yes,that is what death means to human kind.


The common and usual thing to do when one hears that someone so dear to him has died is to cry. No doubt,people also grieve as a result of bereavement. Surely,cry could bring some consolation to the soul of bereaved,but would it be a means to cope with bereavement? No,it wouldn't. In fact,crying as often as you remember the ordeal could result to more problem to the situation and even causing one,more pains. So,how then can one cope with bereavement?

First,remember that death is a state of unconsciousness. This means that the dead knows or feels nothing at all. No pains,no suffering does he feel in the grave where he is buried. In fact,a perfect synonym for death is rest. So,knowing the truth that a dead person is resting and not facing any problems like the living do should give you comfort and help you cope with bereavement.
Secondly,if there is anything you wish you would have done for a person before he dies,do it for his parent,or anyone close to him. In this way,you will be able to cope with bereavement.
Recounting your experiences with someone who has already died can bring the dead back to ones mind,and make one to drop some tears again. Consider your emotion and make sure that it is not the one that will bring your heart down,otherwise,you would have been worsening the situation for yourself!!!

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