Wednesday, 1 February 2017

how to detect ghost employees in public service

 One may want to know the answers to questions such as :Who are ghost workers? Are they spirits or some kind of unseen creatures?

Ghost workers are humans. I mean real humans like you and I  with faces. But how come some people are called ghost employees if they are real humans? Ghost employees are employees or workers whose names are in payroll without working for it. It will surprise you to know that there are ghost workers who were never employed by any organization ,and yet,their names are  in  payroll. How then do we know or detect ghost employees ?

First and foremost,we like to mention here that ghost employees are commonly seen in government agencies and organizations. How to detect ghost employees in public service is through cross examination or regular reveal of workers. For example,in the year 2016,Edo state as well as Koggi state Nigeria conducted a review on workers chat board information. On carrying out this exercise,they all discovered that there were people who registered their names twice with little difference in their initials. This means that there are people who can possibly receive a salary twice. From the same payroll,it was also discovered that there are some employees who  registered their kids who are still in primary and secondary schools as employees. Yet,they receive pay in these children's names. Are you still wondering how to detect ghost employees in public service?

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