Wednesday, 15 February 2017

how to enjoy warm closeness witth your parent

From our long research,we find it so true that many times,girl child is closer to her father than her mother,and vise versa.  This act has created no hatred or division in the family union in anyway. However,liking one parent more than the other has no doubt brought about a gap between a child and her mother,whom she feels no stronger affection for than her father. This in a way is a problem. How can this problem be resolved? How can you enjoy warm closeness with your parent?

A friend of mine,a lady,whose name I won't let know to you told me that she feels so close to her father so much that she could lie down in his body and sleep like a baby,whereas,she would never try it with her mother. She was so close to her father so much that the first time she saw her menstruation,it was her father she met and let out her fears,who in turn let  his wife know that their baby girl is now becoming an adult. This relationship continued until she got married,gave birth to her first child,and began thinking of how her mother could come over for baby sitting,instead of her father. The truth is that,she didn't enjoy the visit of her mother so much,as she would have enjoyed,if it were her father who visited.

To enjoy warm closeness with your parent,girls,try to open up with your mothers with certain things. Even when you are compelled to do so with your father,force your desire to do the same to your mother too. Your father cannot give you the advice you need,the  way your mother will.

Again,try giving a gist to your mother. Tell her how your friends fight over flirting matters,and how some boys come along to woo you. Before you know it,the spirit will start coming together.

Don't forget to buy gifts to your mother especially when you are not really attached to her like you are to your father. This simple act can go a long way to attract your mother's passion to you,and both of you will become real  close friends.

Finally,in your telephone contact,save your mother's name with heart touching and attractive titles,like sweet heart,sweet mother, my mum etc.

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