Sunday, 12 February 2017

How to have a happy marriage despite weak foundation-monicdiarys.blogspot .com

When we say weak foundation, we mean those marriages that are not built on true love. Previously,we wrote an article on 'funny reasons why people get married' and we could see that some of these reasons could make marriage tear apart as soon as possible,or make one of the partners surfer severe pains.

We also know that there are people,women,who have been forced into marriage for one selfish reason of their parents or the other. For example,a friend of mine ran into my office and told me that her father was planning a marriage relationship to take place between her sister and a man who is a son to her father's friend. To this father,his interest is to maintain his friendship with his friend by forcing his daughter into marriage alliance with one she never loved. If you are  the one,what would you do?

The creator in his infinite wisdom knows that this kind of thing would happen and he advised in the scriptures that such wives should be in good conduct,so that by their kind gesture,their husbands may be won without any words. The point here is that by being kind to unkind people,or situations,winnings could be accomplished.

Again in everything,always remember that there is no best,and there is no worst in anything in this life. Never think that your condition is the worst on earth. Yes,you have been denied of the joy of marrying your best friend,or someone your heart goes out for.Yet,you can still make your marriage successful if you want. After all,even marriages that were built on love still shatter,and tear apart.

Among other things you should have in mind,always remember that the original purpose for marriage is to give birth to children and fill the earth,while other things come secondary. So my dear,if you are able to have your children,consider them your  blessings in your marriage,and let them be your reason to stay.

We are sure that the man who married you loves you so much. No man marries  a woman without loving her. The only problem here is that your heart is not with him. Please,let the love he shows you move you to love him even a little,and gradually,your heart will impel you to love you more.

In conclusion,we want you to know that the world of women is marginalized. Whatever thing we are and that we have,we are managing. Everything about our lives are full of pains and endurance. So,if you were forced into marriage,please don't think of how to get out of it,but how to make a happy marriage despite weak foundation! It is a problem we all share!!!

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