Saturday, 4 February 2017

how to know IF your child is an autistic patient

Autistic disorder commonly known  as Autism is neurodevelopmental  disorder which occurs in the brain. As we may know,the human brain controls all human activities. Therefore, when one's brain is defected or malfunctioned,the patient becomes and acts abnormally. How do you know if your child is an autistic patient?


Neuroscientists give signs that should be watched fore. One is : Look at your child whenever you are talking to him. If your child is looking somewhere else, indicating that he couldn't see you acting anyway,that might be a sign that he is an autistic patient. Two,watch the behavior of your child to see if he taste any bitter things and doesn't sense any thing  bitter. This is because,autistic patients do not know the difference between sweet and bitterness,and you know,this is not normal at all. The day I got to know that someone, a little boy I saw somewhere on a street is an autistic patient without being told by his mother was when I saw him chewing bitter leaf,and smiling at the same time. The problem is not his taste bud,but his brain.

Again,no autistic patient feels pains even when they are pierced by a nail or any sharp object. They can stumble on broken bottles and smile away freely,while you the observer will do the cry for them. That is autism for you. If you observe any of these signs,please visit your Doctor,and follow his directives.

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