Thursday, 16 February 2017

how to know your marriage won't last

Hey,are you still wondering whether your marriage will last or not? But why would you even think about that any way?yes,you notice some strange feelings and changes,and now you what to know how you can predict if your marriage will last or not. Any way,here are the signs:

The no1. sign to tell that your marriage won't last is when you involve your parent in every matter that arises in your home. Woman,and dear man,resist the  temptation of always letting your parent know whatever issue you are having with your spouse. Whenever problems emerge,amicably resolve it with your dear wife instead of involving your parent. Their advice,may not bring true justice to your family problem.

When a wife is showing muscles to her husband,let her know that she is inviting a crack in the wall. A day will come when the wall cannot hold,and the building collapses. How on earth would a wife be head strong to her husband? Will anything ever make a wife a husband or the head of her family and assume equal power with her husband ? never!

Whenever a man refuses to take up his responsibilities to his family,he should be sure that sooner than later,the center will no longer hold.

Research has proven that unresolved argument in a family is a sign that some day,while you are still sleeping,something will come wake you up and say: Park your thing and leave. You have over stayed your welcome. Dear husband and wife,settle your differences as soon as they come up. Do not allow it to over stay!

Lack of intimacy with your spouse can quickly ruin your relationship with your spouse. Form a strong union with your spouse,make sure your heart really long for him before you say: I do.

Does the behavior of your spouse irritate you? Then,it is a sign that your marriage won't last!!!

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