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how to make success in your

Courtship is the period  of time in a relation when two people who have found  themselves attracted to each other,take their relationship into a more serious point to really know and understand each other in order to see if their relationship is one that can lead them to marriage. 

Yes,the dream of every woman in a courtship is to end it in marriage,so is the dream of every man too. Unfortunately,not every courtship ends in marriage as hoped. Sometimes,such lost is for good,while other times,it is a lost. Here are tips on how to make success in your courtship.

1. Consider courtship only at a time when you are ready to get married. It is no child’s play.
2. Enter into courtship only with someone you really love enough to spend the rest of your life with.
3.When in courtship,bring out the best in you that you intend to use in your marriage to keep the relationship going. 
4.Do not pretend or lie during your courtship. This is because,there is nothing hidden in this world. One day,your friend will find out,and may end whatever relationship he has with you.
5. Base your courtship in the family  members such as the father,mother,siblings and cousins of each other. As much as possible, spend time with them to get to know their persons,family history and make up,to be sure it is what you really in your marriage.
6. Emotional Intimacy; Guard your heart and do not allow your emotions to drive you to sin during your courtship. Give yourself time to know each other.
7. Choose the right time in the relationship to reveal intimate secrets. This might save you regrets if the relationship does not work.
8. Physical Intimacy; mutually decide what your limits would be. Write them down and make them clear from day one and please be strict with it.
9. Save the first if you know it will arouse s*xual feelings you can not control.  This is because,kissing can ignite romance and could mean danger.
10. Hugging; Decide whether you should hug and in what context. Hugging is an acceptable and beautiful expression of affection, support and love. However when prolonged, it can ignite erotic feelings.
11. Choose where and when to spend time alone together. This should not be late at night and or in lonely places.
12. Resolve with your courting partner never to give in to sin.
13. Don’t give rise to scandal. Don’t give people a reason to suspect you are having a sexual relationship with your spouse-to-be, even though you might not.
14. Be accountable; Make a list together of resolutions and guidelines for your courtship so you can use it to watch your actions.
15. Get a mentor. The mentor should be married and well acquainted with the Word of God so he/she can guide and advice you appropriately.
16. Create time to pray individually and together with your partner.
17. Be active in your local assembly. Together, participate in church activities. This would help you understand how your partner behaves in a group.

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