Sunday, 12 February 2017

How To Be Happy In Marriage Despite Childlessness

The joy of every marriage to most people,no doubt is to is to have children. This is because,the creator and originator of marriage intends marriage from the beginning as the foundation of procreation purposes.  Children,make the continuity of life possible. They take care of their parents when they are old,they also,produce and have their own children,and children children till the earth is filled.

No doubt,it is not a happy thing to see couples be without children in their marriage. When this happens to you or to anyone you know,what should you do? How can you make a successful marriage despite childlessness? Here are what you can do:

  • First,we want you to know that God and only God gives children. Your own duty as a couple is to do the necessary things that have to be done to conceive,and allow the creator to perform his miracle in putting children in place. If you have tried your best on this,and you still have none,relax and keep your business with other things while keeping in expectation of it.

  • Another thing that can help you make a successful marriage despite childlessness is accepting the fact that you are childless. Yes,you are childless at this point. Accept that not everyone will have children at the same time,never! Like in marriage,not everyone in the same age bracket finds their marriage mates at the same time. Some marry earlier than others,while some marry later in life. Yes,they would all marry at their own time. The same is in child bearing. That you don't have children now doesn't mean that you won't have children tomorrow. No! You will.

  • While you are still waiting to have your children,keep your hands busy on daily activities. Never allow a place for the devil by being in a quiet mood,worrying about situations you cannot change. Keep busy,make your money,prepare and build yourself more and more. If concerned friends ask why you have no child yet,your answer should be: They have not come. I am still waiting'!

  • Do not get envious of another family with their children. Do not show any signs of hatred on them either. They are not any reason why you don't have children yet. Share their happy times with them,and rejoice with those who rejoice.

Finally,there are always advantages of childlessness as there are in singleness. What are the benefits of your state? enjoy them while they last!!!

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