Wednesday, 15 February 2017

tips on how to raise responsible children-responsible parenting,responsible attitude,responsible behavior

The way children behave depends on their family upbringing. Even in the same family,we see some children being so attached so much to either their  mother or their father. There are families too,where one of the parent,especially the mother makes it look like she alone is a friend the children could have in a family. This is not right. It doesn't help in raising responsible children. Here are few tips on how to raise responsible children.

We like to take a visit to a family I know somewhere in the world. It is a family situation where a father would advice children on what to do,only for the mother to redirect the child on the other way round. For Example,a father would tell his children: 'Don't play outside the gate if you must play football. If I come back and find out that you disobey,you will be punished'. Then having gone out,the children now go to their mother and their mother permits that they go out and play outside the gate and their father catches them in the process. What can you say about this? Obviously,the mother is not helping to raising responsible children. What she is here doing is to teach her children to learn disobedience,and being  headstrong.

The truth is that,when a mother does not  corporate with her husband in training their children in one mind,the children would learn to be one sided,learn to be rude,and of course to be disobedient. Come to take a look at this example too. A father gives the same instruction to his children: 'Don't play outside the gate if you must play. If I find out you do when I come back,you will be punished'. And then the children go to their mother and ask if she could permit them and their mother says: 'What did your father say about it before he left?  Did he say you should'? And the children say :' No'. Then the woman says in reply: 'That is the point'! If your father says no,why would you expect your mother to say yes? Do as your father says'!

You would agree with me that those children would learn not only obedience but respect to their parent. Above all,they would also see that corporation is one thing that can make a family grow in love and in unity.

 From the examples above,we could see that raising responsible children is the responsibility of both the father and the mother. Wives should corporate with their husbands  to raise their children in one mind,and help their children become responsible,obedient children.

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