Thursday, 2 February 2017

Tips on how to stop addiction to pornography -pornography addiction,pornography internet,pronography and research,

Pornography,is the act of viewing nakedness in movies or pictures,secretly,in dark places,either in a room,backyard,or in other lonely places. As hard as breaking free from drug addiction is,so is pornography. There is something about viewing pornography that the
viewers do not understand. That is the fact that it does not give any satisfaction! Don't ask me how I know this,or whether I have watched pornography before or not,because,one does not have to put ones hand in fire before he knows  that fire hurts. How then can one stop addiction to pornography? Read more tips on how to resist temptation


Since pornography involves the viewing of naked people,performing all sorts of romantic act,stopping it will simply mean avoiding movies with such contents. Again, since one cannot watch any pornography,in public except in dark,and lonely places,avoid watching anything that looks like it in lonely or secret places. Whenever you have the urge for pornography,go out,and be in midst of people who are into any conversation. Even if you do not want to contribute to their discussion,at least listen as they converse. When the  urge is gone,continue your normal business for the day. Always try to fight the urge whenever you feel it coming. Never succumb to the urge when it calls. Avoid friends who are into watching pornography as well. 
More importantly on how to stop addiction to pornography is to see it as an enemy seeking to ruin your life! Like your enemy,your goal should be to destroy it before it destroys you. I have always known that determination is the sure key to any success. So my dear one,determine in your heart that you want to stop the addiction of pornography,and you will succeed!!

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