Friday, 3 February 2017

how to stop violence against children

Violence against children varies. They include rape,molestation,mistreatment,and physical abuse. The kind of violence against children we are talking about here is mistreatment and physical abuse. To begin,one would like to what brings about mistreatment or if you like maltreatment on children. Are they their parents? Any family member or other none blood relatives?

 Experiences and reports have shown that violence against children can come from any where like from family members and especially outsiders who are none relatives. How then does violence against children occur,how can we stop violence against children?

In many occasions,children have been sent away from home to other people's home,in view of helping them. When these children arrive the homes of their madams,reverse becomes the case. Children who hope to be sent to school end up being house slaves to the family they have been sent to. Because these children are still growing,they make a lot of mistakes which most times result to serious beating and punishment. The rate at which these children are beating is so alarming that scars are seen all over their body. A report have revealed that some wicked madams have gone beyond flogging the children that live with them to using hot Irons in their body to make them see pains. Others have also violated some of these children by using sharp objects run through their vaginas,and won't stop until blood is seen coming out,while the victims reed in pains!


To stop violence against children,parents should deceased from sending their children to people who claim they want to help. If  you must send out your children to live with some family,learn to pay visit to their homes regularly to know how your children are fairing.
Again,people who live in the neighborhood should report any act of violence against children that they know around them to police officers if they do not know any agency in charge of child right protection .
Agencies such as UNICEF and WACO should extend   their responsibility to suspected homes where  children are violated.
Organizations protecting children's right against violation should come up with laws stating the conditions any one taking another person's child to his home must meet,and the consequences that will follow if they go contrarily.

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