Friday, 3 February 2017

how to stop violence against children (part 2)

The type of violence against children by mistresses who take children to live with them was discussed in the first part of violence against children. Here,we would be looking at another type of violence against children but this time,by their own parent,with a vivid example.

A woman was raped by a group of gang and she became pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy. Ever since this woman became pregnant with that child,she had never been a happy one. Every medication given to her for the welbeing of the child was ignored,refusing to take them,wishing that the baby die but no,he wouldn't. The woman finally gave birth to the baby,a very handsome boy! Never has this woman ever given her baby her breast milk. Severally,she had made many attempt to get rid of the baby,but to no avail.  Courtesy of her mother and her father,who always kept watch on the baby. A day came when this woman secured a job in a distance town,she insisted that she would move with the boy and her parent allowed her to do so. Little did they know that their daughter,would  blow a heavy violence against her own child. Every now and then,this boy would be reminded that he is a product of wickedness and evil by his own mother. As she beats him for any little mistake,she would remind him that he is a product of wicked and evil,and all of that! One day,the boy said something that brought  down my tears. He said:" But mummy,I am not my father,I can never hurt you mum or ever make you cry". But yet,this woman would continue to show her sadness on the innocent boy. One day,while she was still beating him in anger,the boy slipped out of her hand and ran away.On his way to escape,he was jammed by a fast coming vehicle,slummed,and died!

Dear reader,that a child is conceived by rape doesn't mean he will become a rapist. That an armed robber pregnated you doesn't mean that the child will become one like them tomorrow. Give every child a breathing space to live. Make them comfortable around you and see the joy they bring. Stop violence against children,for they are not the reason why there are problems. No child is a product of evil except you make or train them as one. Stop violence against children,by treating them the way you would like to be treated,and the world will be free of violence against children!!!

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