Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Five Simple Ways To Fix Unhappy Marriage

Can marriage ever last forever?  Could two different people ever make success in marriage? When problems occur in marriage,can it possibly be fixed up?

There is no family on earth without its own  kind of problems. If the problem does not come from the man,it comes from the woman,but each or both of them surely have issues,that seem unbearable to them. In this article,we will see how you can detect your family problem,and fix it up in order to avoid divorce or marriage breakup.

Let's say that your problem is that your husband has lost his job and can no longer provide enough for the family. What should you do as a wife? Should you threaten divorce to marry another man? No,you shouldn't. If you do,then you would have proven that you have not come for marriage in the first place,but for material possession.

The problem many homes have is incapability of the man to provide for his family as he used to. Good wives in their sensibleness seeing that their husbands are out of jobs get up immediately,and start up doing one reasonable thing or the other to support their homes. Your husband on losing his job still has some  money in the save. Cut your budgets and avoid impulse buying to save your family from hunger and disaster.

Is your husband a Casanova? If you notice that your husband loves women,try to find out why instead of ranting! For example,a friend of mine says that her husband often complements ladies with slim bodies. And so what she did being fat although her husband never complained to her,was to start up a serious body exercise every day. When her husband noticed it and ask her why she was doing regular exercise,she said 'I want to look slim for my dear husband to love and admire me more. I want  to have my husband's complements.  This was what  her husband said to us 'I felt really touched.I never knew that my wife had observed that I love women with slim bodies,and for making effort to give me my heart desire,I will make sure I do my best to make her happy'

The above example of a sacrificing wife shows that you woman can fix your marriage by being observant and watchful. Don't close your eyes to the affairs of your family.know the needs of your husband and give it to him otherwise,one day you will lose him to a woman who is willing to give him his desire.

We have seen from this article that marriage problems can be solved by being helpful,supportive and by being observant to happenings in our homes. The first step to solving family issues is to observe,and then take action.
The worst one can do on seeing problems knocking is to ignore it,run away or seek for divorce. Read books,make research,and and ask friends old and young,how they have been able to solve their own problems and fixed their marriages!!!

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