Thursday, 2 February 2017

importanceof education for adults

Why are people usually surprised when they see adults,like mothers and grandmothers in school uniform? Definitely,it is funny,and unimaginable! The day I saw a grandmother in a school uniform,honestly, I hid myself in a corner,to avoid a sight with her,not because of who she is,but because I wasn't comfortable to see her in the same form with her grand children. Is there anything as importance of education? What on earth will adults do with the formal education they are going for?


 The answer to what adults can do with the formal education which they receive is that such education will make them literate,knowing how to read and write. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have your mother teach your children or guide them in their school assignment whenever she pays visit? What a romantic thing to do!!
The benefit of adult education does not just end in knowing how to read or  write in order to impart knowledge on others. The importance boils down to teaching oneself,and getting along with the events of the day through newspapers,and other magazines.

From a research institute, it was discovered that adult education helps learners act better,and wiser in their homes,and outside.
 Since human brain never dies until one dies,the brain of adult reshapens the moment they learn a new thing .

Adult education even makes older persons to act younger,and think faster , thereby helping society,in solving certain problems.

Hey,if your parent is still illiterate at this age we are,stop making her lose out anymore! Engage her in adult school where she will not only learn the art of reading and writing,but other wonderful and useful skills to better her life,and add more values to it!!!

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