Thursday, 16 February 2017

Is Arranged Marriage Advisable?

Arranged marriage differs in types and in kinds. We have a situation where parents have betrothed their sons to marry the daughters of their friends even without their children's consent. We also have a situation where parents arrange some marriage somewhere and bring the wives to their children,especially if their sons are financially incapable,or if they have some attitude problems. Read more: can marriage change his personality?

Whatever situation an arranged marriage is,culture must have given right to it. Yes,any kind of arranged marriage in a way does not give the completeness of one's consent,showing that the other is really a heart desire.  An arranged marriage seems force and coercive,to accept the choice of one's parent in marriage,rather than the two people coming into marriage to date,and feel the attraction. Yet,is arranged marriage normal?

Some cultures have made arranged marriages to be the responsibility of parents to make for their children. In this culture,arranged marriage is normal and advisable. It is the the way of life for some people,and it is okay by them.

What of a situation where a parent arrange for a particular woman to become a wife to their son,who probably have some attitude or financial problem? Yes,the interest of the parent here is to make something good happen to their children. Is anything wrong with this arrangement? You should know that the intention is for good. It is to open doors for growth,changes,and progress of individuals,and the family.

The sense behind an arranged marriage strongly says that the purpose of marriage is to produce children and fill the earth. Whether love or attraction is there in the first place or not,what matters is to perform marriage rite between a man and a woman. When they get into it properly,they would on their own develop feelings and love for each other.

In whatever situation that may have caused for an arranged marriage,the only thing that hurts is that the deprivation of people's right to make their choice of marriage partners. Every other thing is good and fine!!!

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