Thursday, 9 February 2017

is blood transfusion a sin?

To be sure if blood transfusion is a sin or not,let us first see what sin is.
Sin is any contrary act against God or his command. Failing to meet up with God's requirement is a sin. Therefore,what is God's commandment about blood transfusion?

The creator of life gave the command that humans may eat meat,but not blood (Gen 9:3,4) Does it mean blood transfusion here? Take a look at another command:

In the Bible book of Acts 15:28,29; 21:25,God's command to abstain from blood includes blood used in medical treatment. Among other things that should be avoided are fornication,what is strangled,and from sexual immorality. We all agree that what is strangled is bad and shouldn't be mentioned among Christians as fornication is. Why would we now find it difficult to abstain from blood? If someone brings blood in a cup and asks you to drink it would you drink it? What if he tells you that drinking blood will make you live longer would you still accept and drink it? I doubt that you my friend will not succumb to it no matter what. Then why would you not refuse that of blood transfusion? Are they not the same blood in take?  You may say that blood transfusion is infused into human body,yes,that is true,but it still goes down the body.

Come to think of this: If the source of life,the giver of life and the sustainer of life says you must not eat blood of any sort and you do will it not be a sin? No doubt! Think of it too,if the giver of life and sustainer of it knows that by not taking blood through transfusion when we are sick we will,and he asks us not to take it,will it not be very wicked of him? But there is no wickedness in Him,and that we know.

Research has shown that many in the process of taking blood die. This is a proof that even blood transfusion does not save life as claimed.

In conclusion,we have seen from the definition of sin that blood transfusion is a sin since it is against God's command 'you must not eat blood'. We have also seen that blood transfusion does not save life and that by not taking blood as it's instructed,our creator has good intentions for us!!

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