Thursday, 16 February 2017

Is It Okay For Wife To Be Richer Than Husband?

The question of whether it is healthy or okay in a relationship for a wife to be richer than her husband could only be answered after looking at the effects of this condition in a family.

Naturally,God made man to be the head of the family,which also includes the woman. The man is the major provider of his wife's and family's needs. Now the question: When a woman becomes richer than her husband,what then happens in the family? Surely she begins to be the major provider in the home. When she begins to take up this duty and responsibility,what then happens? The woman then assumes the office of the man in the family,while the man takes the place of the woman,being just a supporter,with his little means.

Is it healthy or okay when a woman takes the place of the man in the family? We mean,is it proper or normal for a woman to become the major provider of the family's needs while her husband could only become a supporter? No,it is  not!

When a woman takes the position of the man in the family,it makes a woman assume a stronger,position and before you know it,she begins to exercise the power of the man in the house. There is nothing that kills a man,than a situation,that makes him irresponsible in his own house.

When a woman takes up the responsibility of the man in the family,she begins to have the respect that is due for the man because,she now exercises the right of her husband. The children knowing that their mother is now the major home provider shows her more respect than they would  do to their father.

Yes,the question: Is it healthy in a relationship for a wife to be richer than her husband? Your answer obviously is NO,as mine is.If not for any other thing,the ego and respect of the man would have been dropped. He would have lost his position to his wife,whose financial strength has risen her above the position of her husband in the family. This is abnormal,it is an abuse to family headship,and it is  unnatural,and unhealthy!!!

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