Monday, 6 February 2017

is kleptomania a sin?

Before  you answer the question of  whether kleptomania is a sin or not let's find out what kleptomania is.

 Kleptomania is a  serious mental health disorder that's characterized by problems with emotional or behavioral self-control. If you have an impulse control disorder, you have difficulty resisting the temptation or drive to perform an act that's excessive or harmful to you or someone else. So,is kleptomania a sin?

Remember that kleptomania is a mental problem,a serious one that non of its patients ever developed from any environment.

Kleptomania comes with urge to steal an item which one never needs,and which can bring  little or no value. For example,if you go to a jewelries store to buy some jewelries,and you have an urge to steal an item , and all you could steal is an empty bottle of a soft drink it means you are a kleptomania person. If this is the case,would you say that a kleptomania is a sin? come to look at this: If the urge to steal something is one you really form and desire to accomplish,you would not have stolen an empty bottle,amidst plenty of jewelries would you?. That means obviously that at the point of stealing,a kleptomania does not know whatever he is doing. It is just the result of his mental disorderliness  which causes his hand to pick up things that don't belong to him. Would you indeed say that kleptomania is a sin?

Many people with kleptomania live lives of secret shame . If you were the one,won't you? Come to think of it: If kleptomania is an intentional act,would a people with kleptomania be ashamed of the act? It is obvious. It is not the fault of any body who suffers from kleptomania,but the fault of the brain. Yes, there's no cure for kleptomania,but  treatment with medication or psychotherapy may be able to help end the cycle of compulsive stealing.

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