Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Is realinvarnation possible?

Reincarnation,the believe that anyone who dies now will come back later,or the believe that people who die do come back to life through rebirth. The question now is : Is reincarnation possible?

Come to think of it. I have a friend whose name is Iyabo which means,mother has returned, in South West Nigeria. Then I asked her.Iyabo,are you seriously saying that you once existed before now,like you were born before,died,and came back again? You know what she said in reply? She said she wasn't sure. That as long as she can remember,she has never been to anywhere on earth before now she's been born into her family. Hmm,please,where does this believe originate from?

Wherever the believe of reincarnation emancipates from,the key point is to tell us their basis for this believe. For crying out loud,reincarnation which means coming back to life doesn't depict resurrection. Or does it? I mean,resurrection means coming back to life as well but in the same form in which the dead give up their  ghost.  But reincarnation says that when someone,anyone,dies,whether he is a baby or an adult,when he comes back to life,he will do so as a baby. Any member of the family whether the daughter of the deceased or the grand daughter,or just anyone from the family to Iyabo.  For example, the family of Iyabo my friend believes that their mother who had died a long time before there daughter came to be born is back. In fact it becomes so convincing because,the mother who died had a long black mark in her forehead. And when this  my friend was born, she has the same mark,which makes them to absolutely believe that it was their mother who came back to life. But seriously, is reincarnation possible?

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