Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Is there anything destiny?

There is this thing that some people believe. The fact that one is destined to be a particular thing in life. Do you believe that God or some gods have determined that you will become a particular thing? If you say yes,it means that you believe in destiny!

The believe in destiny simply states that some people are made to become certain things  in life no matter what happens,it must come to  past. I now ask: Does destiny mean that even if one does not make any effort in life he will still become whatever he has been purposed to become? Does destiny implies that things come  by chance without any effort? Come to think of this: There are people who are  prostitutes and that is what they are in life.Are we saying that God or some gods destined these people to become prostitutes?

 From all I know about nature,nothing,and nothing happens by chance. Whatever thing one is or becomes,is as a result of ones effort ,desires,determination and hard work. God the creator of the universe does not bless a lazy hand. Therefore,if one thinks that whether he makes effort or not,he who God has blessed will always be blessed and other alike expressions is deceiving oneself. Is there anything destiny? Keep brainstorming...

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