Monday, 27 February 2017

Is this world mysery?-mystery of life,mysery around the world,

To know whether the world is mystery or not,you may like to know what mystery itself means. Mystery is a state or feeling of great distress or discomfort of mind or body. Another definition of mystery says that mystery is having a feeling that we cannot explain. Sometimes the situation looks unexplained to everyone involved,such that the only thing one can do in any situation that looks like a wonder is to just sit and watch. Now,the question: Is the world misery? Let's find out.

Different things happen to different people on earth. While some succeed in certain things,others fail in the same matter. Why? Does it mean that one hasn't tried enough as others who have succeeded have tried? No.This is the first look of misery. We have an example:

A lady from a very poor background in a village traveled to a town for a visit. On getting down the town,she just found out that her uncle she was going out to visit was out of place,and so she became very stranded. While standing helplessly on the road,a passer by,in his car reversed,and offered the lady some help. She accepted,and he drove off to his residence. It was a palace. A very beautiful home that the lady had never seen or been to all her life. You know the next? The man who assisted this lady was a prince,and proposed to marry her. This is mystery! The lady couldn't believe her eyes,and everything looked miracle to her.

There are hosts of other stories of this nature we just had. Many times in your life,you may have felt some mysterious  things happen in your life, and the only question in your mouth is 'what'? This is mystery! How does mystery  come to be? Who makes mystery happen? Join us in our next article,to find out!!!

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