Saturday, 25 February 2017

must nigerian prions be appalling?-Nigerian prisoner service,Nigerian prison break,

having seen how terrible Nigerian prisons are,amidst abundance of national wealth and resources,why would Nigerian prisons be such  appalling? Why would the prisoners be treated like condemned animals? What exactly does the Nigerian government which section is  in charge of prison tend to achieve by treating their prisoners injuriously? This is our point of focus here! Welcome!!

The common African mentality for correction whenever one errs is to give the offender the greatest punishment of his or her life. By inflicting injuries on the offenders,the Africans feel that that is the only way the offender will repent,and never think of doing bad again. Hey,do you really think that you can get something good out of a corrupt heart,by inflicting more and heavy punishment oh him. This is the believe of Nigeria government,in charge of prisoners conditions,making Nigerian prisons appalling.

Among the prisoners are rapist,murderer, accomplices,and others, who have ruined and destroyed many precious and innocent lives. Thus,when these ones are convicted and sent to prisons,either life in imprisonment,or part of their life time in prison,then the prison officers usually make life miserable for them. But hey,would doing this,shapen the life and persons of prisoners? Will it even reposit what has been lost? This is making Nigerian prison appalling! Read more:  life and conditions in Nigeria prisons

There is this slogan you may know: 'condemned criminal. You see,it is believed that any convict in Nigerian prison is condemned to death. That no matter what,these people are condemned humans who are already sentenced to die in prison. And so for this reason,giving prisoners good care and treatment is a waste of resources. But is this true? Is it fair? Must Nigerian prison be appalling?

In the subject: Must Nigerian prisons be appalling?,we have seen a whole lot of reasons why Nigerian prisoners are treated like condemned criminals. A common slogan: Condemned criminals is commonly used to identify any one who is a prisoner,in any Nigerian prison.

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