Friday, 17 February 2017

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We have written many articles on church and Christianity,said so much on why people go to church as well. In this article : people and churches,we are visiting the church territory,to see who goes there,and what happens there. Read more : fantastic reasons why people leave the church

The news just reaching us here says that a pastor in one of the churches in Nigeria told one of his members,a lady who came to him with the issue of finding a husband to bring to him a bag of rice and a gallon of oil and host of other items. I say : For what? The reporter says in order for God to hear her request! I nodded, tufiakwa! God,collecting items from people before he hears their prayers. Liars!!

Another report reaching us now also says that in another church in South Africa,a pastor told a married woman in search of the fruit of the womb to come over to church,and sleep naked in church for seven nights. Can you imagine that? The worst of it all is that even the woman did as the pastor says. So blind of you!

Listen to this report: Members of a church in Lagos Nigeria told all his members to buy handkerchiefs and bring with them as they come to church. As for the handkerchiefs, they would raise it up each time they are praying,and at the end of their prayer,they should spit in their handkerchief,and then dry their face with it.The pastors assure their members that the moment this is done,their request is answered. And I said what?

Did you notice the ritual people do in church?  Can you also see how easily people can be deceived? How can a bag of rice and other food items be the reason for your prayers to be answered? Since when have food items become mediators between man and God? When has God began to show interest in material things than the sacred things of the  heart?

Should we say that churches today confuse people,or that people who go to churches are foolish and unreasonable? Even when I have never stepped  my feet into any theological environment,at least I know that the scripture says that no one comes to the Father,except through me (Jesus Christ) and that Jesus is the only mediator between man and God! Pastors,where did you get the concept that people must bring to church every food item before their prayers are answered by God? May God judge all of you!!!

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