Thursday, 2 February 2017

Reasons why people engage in adult education

Adult education varies. We have a type of adult education which focus is on how to read and write,while another type of adult education is getting more certificates by reading more books for the sake of office promotion,or for the sake of satisfying ones strong desire to become a desired qualifier. The type of adult education we are looking at here is one  which the learner is already a literate,but still seeks to acquire more.

There are evidently people who are already engaged in one form of  employment or another either as government workers or as private workers.  These employees have either o'level certificates or primary school certificates. At first,they begin working with either  of these certificates but can not enjoy much benefits as those with upper certificates in their offices are regarded as principal officers to them. To enjoy the fruit of their hard works,they decide to take up another study in order to further their education. The ages of these individuals range from 30- 50 years,seeking to up grade not  just their knowledge to say,but their certificate in order to be promoted in their offices.

Whatever reason why adults further their education,either for the purpose of getting more certificates for promotion or not,the important thing here is that they have put more effort to making their future bright and get well along. If you are young reading this,feel good to hasten up while the sun still shines,and if you are an adult reading this,have courage to take up adult education to up grade yourself and your value.

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