Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Science and reincarnation

What is the  scientific view of  reincarnation? Does science believe that anyone who dies can come back to life through rebirth? Hardly. The scientific only truth is that it is actually possible for someone to have some characteristics or features of someone else in the family. This is a clear evidence that people certainly have family history,and that someone,somewhere belongs to a family. While some scientists believe  that ones soul and mind can be transferred to another in the same family,being the only thing they agree in believing in reincarnation,other scientists simply blunt at it.

The contrast here is that reincarnation is some traditional and religious believe,which accepts that if one dies ,whether as a child or an adult,he will be  reborn as a child,with no difference in physical look and behavioral attitude,whereas science  believes that only one part of a deceased such as the soul or mind  is transferred to a born child. What a contrast!

Science teaches that before a woman conceives and becomes pregnant,the sperm from a man  must have broken the egg which the woman must have released. The questions: If reincarnation is real,why would  a man meet a woman before she becomes pregnant? Why would egg,and sperm be the key producers of a child if a decease could actually be reborn? Science and reincarnations are not in any battle field to win any argument to know whether reincarnation is real or not!!!

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