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should abortion be a personal choice or a question of morality?-abortion among teenagers,young and old,abortion pills,

Abortion,the removing or termination of a baby from his or her mother's womb,is to some people,not a sin,but a matter of personal choice. People have different reasons for having abortion. This reasons include: economic hardship,relationship problems,the desire
for freedom to pursue further education,or a career,or not wanting to be a single mother. On the other hand,others however view abortion as morally wrong -a violation of the trust that has been placed upon a pregnant woman. So,would you say that abortion is a matter of personal choice,or a question of morality? Read more: Is abortion murder?

Which of the reasons above is acceptable to you? Do you agree that any reason should make a woman terminate her unborn child? Read more : Should a pregnant rape victim abort her pregnancy?

A lady agreed that not wanting to be a single mother  should make a woman have abortion. And then we ask: If you know that you are not married, and you don't want to be a single mother,why would you have a marital relationship with a man?  And if you say that for the sake of furthering one's education,one should have abortion, why would one knowing that she is still in school leave her school activities and begin engaging in marital affairs?

Life is sacred! And this same principle of life applies to a baby growing in her mother's womb, a place designed by God to be  a safe haven for a developing child. Would you still say that  abortion is a personal decision or a question of morality?

To the ancient people of Israel, the creator commanded that a person who assaulted a pregnant woman and killed her unborn child was subject to the death penalty-the killer paying with his own life for the life he took. The point here is that even babies in their mothers' womb are as humans as you are.Just as one commits murder by killing a person physically,so is the same when a woman aborts a baby in her womb. The same law still stands in our time. Soul for soul!

There is no reason that can justify the killing of a baby,whether the reasons raised above,or the ones in your heart. Yes,having sex before marriage has a lot of consequences,which includes having pregnancy that one never planned for. Like other consequences for being disobedient or for committing  a crime, the one being pregnant will have to live with it,enjoying the blessings,and reaping the tears!!!

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