Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Should I Marry a Lady Who Already Has A Child??

The question of whether you should marry a lady who has already given birth and is already a mother to a child depends on your conception and perspective of the matter. For example, what is your feelings about it? What does the situation make you feel about the girl?  Are you okay with it? Do you still feel that the girl in question has lost nothing and can still make a good wife?

 Honestly,single girls and ladies who have given birth to children in their father's house when not yet married,are considered as loose,immoral people. They are also seen as people who lack self control and inability to keep and maintain their chastity. But hey,does the fact that a girl have a child before marriage due to being irresponsible and wayward mean she will continue to be that way?

Well,note that not everyone that gives birth before marriage is wayward. Some pregnancy result from rapes as well. But are they the same thing? No. A very decent person can even be raped being a virgin.and trust,that  this unfortunate condition can not deter her from being herself. A good person will always be good if she determines to remain so.

 So,the question again: Should I marry a lady who already has a child? Yes,if the girl especially has a moral background,and she isn't proud of her mistakes. Not all girls or ladies who have babies in their fathers' house are immoral. They may have found themselves in a very tempting and irresistible situations and before they know it they are already in bed with the opposite s**,which then results to pregnancy.

The truth is that about 80% of girls who have babies do so because they lack experience. Many of them have been exploited by someone more experienced than they are. These girls will be tricked,and given many promises that they like and then agree to open their legs to their preys.

 When these girls grow up and learnt what they have done,they would naturally feel that they could turn the hands of time,to start their life all over. Tell me dear man,if you know of this about a girl,would you still doubt if you should marry a lady who already has a child?

Tell me,if you have made certain mistakes in life especially out of ignorance,wouldn't you like to be forgiven and given another chance to make all things right again?

In conclusion,we agree that everyone makes mistakes.  Circumstances that result to having a baby in ones father's house vary. Whatever the case is,as long as the victims aren't proud of  their situation,yes,you should marry them if their is true love.

Immoral conduct does not condemn one,unless he takes pride in it,and decides not to change! In many years of my life,I have not seen a girl who gave birth out of mistakes,gets married,and misbehaved again. They always strive to live a life that will make up for their formal past mistakes,and right their wrongs!!!

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