Saturday, 11 February 2017

should i marry someone with sickle cell?/

Is your genotype  AA?  Is it AS  or are you an SS carrier?  I want to know what your genotype  is to know what answer I should give. You see, I am not a genetic couselor who will never give you a straight answer to the personal question: Should I marry someone with sickle cell?, whose only duties are:

To explain the implication of marrying someone with sickle cell if you are also a carrier,
To give the possible outcome of offspring,
To allow lovers to make their decisions by themselves,and
To allow them prepare their minds to accept the consequences of their decisions.

Here in our diarys,we give a straight talk and answer to questions in a way that reaches the mind.

We have seen enough of sickle cell persons whose genotypes are AS,and we are not happy. We are not happy because more than their life spans are lived in pains,tears and sorrow. Their physical looks spell pity,and incompleteness. They live the life of half humans,while they are humans! Why? Because,our genetic counselors would not give a  straight answer of  NO,when it has to be NO!

Excuse me,what are you thinking of when you know that you are AS carrier and choose to marry another carrier? What kind of love is there when you choose to be in love and contemplate having future with him,choosing  to be blind about your future children with your AS boyfriend? That is what we call myopic love! I want you to know that if you finally and stupidly accept to marry someone with sickle cell,you will end up reaping more sadness, more sorrow and more tears as fruits of your marriage.

Genetic counselors believe that since a lot of  sickle cell carriers who come to them for advice are either graduates or mature adults, it won't be their responsibility to advise them not to engage in marital relationship. And so they ask: How do you even convince two recalcitrant graduates that they can not marry because they are both AS? How do you tell a love struck couple, not to tie the nuptial knot,because they have sickle cell disorder?

Dear genetic counselor,how could you not speak the truth to graduates who are not graduates enough to see dangers and run away from it? What love are you talking about that could tie the nuptial knot,when in real sense the love is myopic?

In summary,the truth is that one can be in love many times,with different people at different times. Never be afraid that if you leave the one that your heart beats for because he is as well AS carrier as you are,you will never be in love or find love again! No,it is not true,and it can never be true.

Remember,your children are your future,and your tomorrow. What life is there when you are still alive and your tomorrow will be no more? Even the love you have at first will disappear into a thin air,opening your eyes that all along,you have been in a myopic love!

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