Monday, 27 February 2017

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The question of marrying village brought by men raised in towns and cities have always been a challenge right from time. The differences between ladies who are city brought and ladies who are village brought up are always clear. Now you are asking whether you should marry a village brought up or not.  The topic for today is : Should I marry a village brought up? Hi welcome to Read more: why marrying village brought up is worth it.

You are asking if you should marry a village brought up because you are confused and indecisive right? I do not know why a man of your age would be so confused. Don't you know what you really want? Why did you even begin considering marrying a village brought up in the first place if you don't have any likeness for it? Did you your parent ask you to do so? Or,did you just visit your village recently and saw that you are attracted to someone? Congratulations my dear one,if you have found a soul mate  .

You see,what really matters is the lady in question,and not the place she was brought up in. After all,every place is a residential place for some people. When you get married to someone,it is that person that you will live with,and not the place where he or she has been brought up in.

People do change as soon as they change their environment. So,don't be afraid whether she she is going to put up village characters forever or not.If you see a lady in your village,or brought to you from a village for marriage,and you don't just like her,forget it,and don't ask :''should I marry a village brought up?'' as if someone has to make decision for you. But if you see her,and you love her person,and she loves you too,my dear,please marry her without further questioning. What matters is what both of you share,and the desire to live together as one. Other things shall be taken care of later.

Village brought up women have a lot of virtues,and packages that  city brought up do not have. Being a village brought up does not in anyway reduce a pin of woman make up from them. So my dear,if you see a lady,in or from a village and you love her,enough to marry her,oh please go ahead and make her your wife. She has lost nothing,and she is definitely a complete woman!

Moreover,there are disadvantages of marrying a village brought up. Do you wish to know? Then join us in our next discourse : ''Fears in marrying village women''.

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