Thursday, 9 February 2017

should I sleep with my lecturer to pass my exams? / life in campus

One of the major challenges students have in their University Campuses are lecturers. Can you imagine a set of people who are supposed to be instructors of education,moral values,and promote academic excellence behaving otherwise?

It is no longer a news that lecturers threaten to fail their students unless they sleep with them in bed.  Students who have refused to do as requested,are usually intentionally failed as many times as they refuse to sleep and have immoral conduct with their lecturers until they are almost frustrated in school. Should you in order to avoid frustration sleep with your lecturer to pass your exams?

The answer from all of us here is no! Read your books,go for your exams,make sure you blast the questions,and show that you are in school to study and not to sleep around with any lecturer. Continue being in good manners with everyone in the  school environment including the lecturer asking you out. Wait for your result to be released and if you see any F9 in your result,report it to your Head of department and ask to see your transcript and insist for a second marking.

One of the problems students facing this challenge has is ignorance. One is that many do not know that they can actually question their result,if they are not satisfied with it and ask for remarking. This time,a lecturer,most time from another school but in the same department, will be given your papers for remarking. This is one the provisions made by the Universities counsel board to ensure that students academic performances are justified,against any threat by any lecturer.

By refusing to sleep with your lecturer who demands your body,you are taking a bold step to prove that you have the lions' heart to bring a wonderful change you want the world to see.

Giving in to lecturers' requests such as this is what brought about many half baked graduates in the labor market. If you try it once and sleeps with your lecturer who demands your body in bed and he passes you in his exam,just like that,you will no longer see any need or have any zeal to study or read your books while in school. Then,after you have graduated from school,you won't be able to pass your interviews and exams, or justify that you are a graduate.

In summary,the issue of sleeping with one's lecturer to pass exam is a mere threat. We have seen there are remedies and solutions to the threat if only you can take advantage of it. To any lecturer that demands your body in his bed,prove to him that you know what the law says and help us to gain the ground against immorality!!!

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