Wednesday, 1 February 2017

should marriage be an accomplishment?

The question of marriage being an accomplishment or not depends on ones priority in  life. People are in different kinds with different heart desires. There are people whose priority is marriage. No matter whatever advice you may give them on education,or skills acquisition to help their future,they will not listen. All they are interested is in marriage. To this group of people,marriage should be their accomplishment. On the other hand too,we have people whose priority in life is education. These people are career oriented individuals whose interest is to impact values on humanity. To this group of people,marriage is never an accomplishment. There accomplishment is doing what they know how to do best.That,which givse them joy.

It is very simple.An accomplishment is being fulfilled in whatever one does in life. Should marriage be an accomplishment? Yes,that is if marriage is your priority in life. That is,if what you really want to achieve in life is marriage,and you go for it,it then becomes an accomplishment to you!!!

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