Sunday, 12 February 2017


The saying that women's time is quick in expiring makes every young woman,who is still single to always watch out for boys who are also single and searching for marriage partners. In the world of boys and girls,it is a certain thing  that marriage must always take place for the sake of procreation purposes to continue . However,it has come to our notice that our young people especially the ladies are so desperate for marriage,as though marriage is the only key to life line. Here however,are the signs that you are desperate for marriage if you do not know:

In quest of keeping one's love partner close,our Eagle's eye has caught many girls visiting the homes of their boyfriends cooking and washing their clothes for them. When we saw these acts,our brows blink and the face left without smile. Hah! Girls,washing and cooking for boyfriends? Are you such a beggar that you can not wait to be dignified with marriage rites? If my mother gets you in that house again,she will disown you!

On the other side too,our tiny camera caught a picture of  another woman who has already parked her luggage living with a man who has not even come to her house for introduction of any marriage in sight. Girl,can't you see that even your boyfriend is not interested in marrying you? Don't worry,continue giving him your body resources while he may give you a bite of meat in exchange. You will soon see that desperation does not get a woman any marriage.

Gush! Did you see the ladies fighting and disgracing each other in public places? The news reaching us says they want to kill themselves because of just one man. Why should two beautiful women like these fight over a man all for marriage they are not even sure of? And where is this hot cake of a man looking like the last man standing? We searched for him,but we couldn't find him. We heard that he is at some restaurant somewhere enjoying himself with another chic. You see yourself? Who told you that you can actually fight to get marriage in your place?  Did any of those mothers today who have been married told you they had to fight and fight before they got their own marriage partners?

The reports are too much for the mouth. They are so heavy that the pen can not write down. Girls,ladies and young women, the saying that you do not have enough time because you are a woman is not true. In fact,even men too,do not have enough time. Anyone of us can die and expire at anytime. Keep yourself busy,find yourself and build yourself like princess would always do and the prince will come looking for you!!

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