Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Signs That He Will Be Your Husband

Have you ever wondered if the man you are dating will be your husband tomorrow? Yea,you should because I also did when I was in that relationship.
 The truth is that  because marriage  is built through relationships where both parties nurture their feelings and make their love grow,rather than God the originator of marriage to tell you from heaven that hey,that man will be your husband,continue following him no matter what,or that hey sweet heart,forget that man,he is only a gold digger,it becomes a thing to wonder whether the man you date will be your husband or not. Gladly pretty,here are simple signs that that man you are dating will be your husband.

Let me please use my adventure and experience to show some simple signs that he will be your husband.

You see,when one young man and I were warmly and regularly  communicating with each other,I knew we were in a relationship. Whenever my phone rings,my mood would change,telling me he was the one calling and when I checked it, it would be true. That is the first simple sign that he will be your husband if you feel the same thing.

Again, the two hearts will always beat as one to the point that whenever something strikes one,the other will feel it. There was a day this proved through to me. I was in my worst mood,feeling so bad for acting wrongly to someone and he felt that something  was wrong with someone so dear to him and you know what happened? My phone quickly rang and it was he. The first thing he asked was if I was okay. When I told him yes,that I was even when I wasn't,he insisted that I tell him the truth. This is a second simple sign that he will be your husband if he shares your feelings.

When you sight your boyfriend afar off coming to you,do you feel anything? Does your heart feel jacked or high? If it does,it is another simple sign that he will be your husband  because,you are already in his heart and he lives in yours!!!

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