Sunday, 12 February 2017

Simple ways to getting a marriage off a good

My dear friend has successfully made it to a marriage point,now called Mrs. somebody,the ring is no longer for fancy,she's now really settled down,and want to know the simple ways to getting her marriage off a good start.

Congratulations to you dearie,and welcome to the livelihood of marriage.  Don't be any scared at all no matter what others have told about marriage. Marriage could be sweet and fulfilling if one follows the tips. Your being here reading this article is an evidence that this marriage of yours will be successful because your mind is set to make it so.

For a start,do those things that you have been doing for your boyfriend before he put that ring in your sweetest finger. I wouldn't know what attracted you to him in the first place,but whatever thing it was,never let it go.

Secondly my dear,there is no man who doesn't love to be respected even if he is younger than you are. The creator of marriage already knows this and he  commanded that a wife must give deep respect to her husband. You see,He didn't say respect,but deep respect. Just obey,and give it to him like you give him his food and before you know it,your marriage is already on the way to success.

Of course now is the time to get to know the man you just married to. Before,the romance blindfolded you that you couldn't see the real him. Now at home,you  would have to know this man in question and live with him. The no.1 advice on this is to be patience. in fact,learn to pray if it is not in your habit to do so,and ask the creator of marriage to also add to it enduring spirit because you will have to endure characters you never met before both from him,and his family members whom you cannot discard from your home. Secondly on this matter,let's say your husband snores and it irritates you,what would you do? Leave the room for him? Don't just go there. At very interval of your sleep,gently tap him,and gently tell him:'No horny, sleep well'. Many have used this method in correcting their husbands' sleeping habit and have succeeded,so can you. Lastly on this,does your husband like sleeping with light on? Don't refuse him that if it is not your interest. See what you should do: Whenever you notice he has slept deep,go off the light and start enjoying yours.  By the time you know it,his body system would have gradually been used to sleeping without light on.You do call him 'baby' right ? Now is the time to prove that he is your baby. Treat him as one.

In summary,we want you to know that marriage is wonderfully bless from God to us. You can't be scared when you are married to your best friend,and your lover. So relax and do your best for him and his family. In fact,let's mention to you here that men love their wives more when they see that their wives love their immediate family and take all of them as their own. So,please,love your husbands' people as your own and open the door of love for them all.
We are always committed to giving you tips to make your marriage a success. please follow up and always ask your questions!!!

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