Wednesday, 22 February 2017

solutions to falling standard of education in Nigeria-educational research,educational management,

 Could we ever talk of solutions when there are no problems? No,the two go together,and we have duly considered so far what makes educational system standard,and how standard education in Nigeria has falling. Among other reasons why educational system has fallen,are: lack of qualified teachers,,unseriousness in the part of government,among others.Read more: how to be a successful student

Solutions to falling standard of education in Nigeria

Lack of qualified teachers: Since the system of education in Nigeria demands that a primary school teacher must at least have Teacher's grade II certificate,schools,whether private or government should adhere to employing only qualified people with this certificate to teach in primary schools. No one should allow pity to push him employ any candidate who wants to teach without being qualified. Always remember that pity does not help to achieving anything pity,in life.
It's been noted that unseriousness on the part of government has largely contributed to the fall of standard education in Nigeria. In many developing countries,focus on education has made their education system very standard. Take a look at the Universities in Ghana,and across the globe and see how their governments have immensely put and implement good efforts in their school system. What do we have in Nigeria?  Many reports of lack of fund and the likes. By paying attention to school system in Nigeria,the government would be able to see loop holes and be able to patch it.

A lot of problem with developing countries is that they want to secure jobs from just any sector as long as it is anything recruitment opportunity,without knowing if they are qualified or not. People should know what they want before going for it. Please and please,if you are not qualified to teach,if you are not trained to teach,do not apply to teach! In this way,the educational standard in Nigeria will rise again!!!

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