Saturday, 4 February 2017

Something Really Wrong With Osu Caste System: A Visit To Igbo Culture

Osu caste system,an ancient practice in Igbo land which believes that two groups of people exist in Igbo land. The first group are called Nwaala,which means the son of the soil,while the second group is referred to as Osu,which means,people fit for the gods or  people sacrificed to the gods.

Over the centuries,the osu people have faced one form of discrimination or the other.For example,the osu people are not  allowed to marry nwaala, to shake hands with them,buy or sell in the same market,or even sit anywhere around them.

The concept of osu caste system is not a good,healthy one.  The system spells discrimination,prejudice,hatred,wickedness,and great injustice,and this is something wrong with osu caste system.

The worst part of osu caste system is that when someone commits an abomination and is being abolished from his father land,the consequences extend to his children and children,children. This again is something wrong with osu caste system.

For crying out loud,why would children be punished for whatever wrong that their parents have  committed long before they were born? Excuse me,what wrong can someone commits that deserves discrimination of the highest level? What kind of people are they who cannot forgive sins that God has forgiven? Isn't this something wrong with osu caste system?

Osu caste system claims to clean the land by abolishing fellow humans,yet,more greater sins committed in the land are hidden. Go out and identify anyone of them called osu,and see if they are not prosperous in all they do. If ordinary people condemns their fellow humans when God the creator offers forgiveness,would you not say that such tradition is myopic? This is something wrong with osu caste system!!!

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