Saturday, 11 February 2017

something wrong with workaholism? -warkaholic

Are you a workaholic? Do you think you are one? Some people are workaholics but they do not know,until they are confirmed by their Doctors that they are.

According to one Dictionary,workaholic means
somebody who is addicted to work .A workaholic is somebody who has a compulsive need to work hard and for very long hours. So are you a workaholic? Do you work for more than eight hours in office without getting up to stretch up,eat or rest,then my friend,you are a workaholic!

Is workaholism the same as hard-work? Could it be that a workaholism doesn't mean working hard at times? Here are how to know,and the difference between hard work and workaholism as noted by Doctor Morley Glicken.

Hard workers think of work as  required and at times pleasurable obligation, whereas Workaholics see work as a way to distance themselves from unwanted feelings and relationships. Hmm.

Hard workers keep work in check so they can be available to their families and friends (lovely),whereas Workaholics believe that work is more important than anything else in their lives,including their family and friends. (na waoo)

Workaholics get excitement from meeting impossible demands ( Is it ever possible?) Hard workers don't.

Hard workers can take breaks from work while workaholic can't . They think about work regardless of what they are doing or who they are with.(chai!)

 something wrong with workaholism?

From the distinctions mentioned above between workaholism and hard work,we could see that if there is anything wrong with workaholics,it is that nothing makes sense to them than their works. Even when they are seek,they could over look it,and ignore it because of their works. Abeg,is something not wrong with workaholics? The way workaholics choose work over family and friends relationships,,love and care makes it really look that workaholic don't belong to the planet where blood and flesh dwell. Is that not a problem?

Any human who cannot put balance between work and family is not a responsible person,and should not even be trusted with  any mighty,responsible task! In fact,if you have a workaholics around you,you will really find that they are really difficult to get along with because,they would push you to over work yourself,as they do to themselves. Isn't this a very big problem?

Finally, workaholism has become a very negative addiction since it deprives a victim,both joy and rest!!!

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