Monday, 13 February 2017

Tales on highway hawking-hawking centre,hawking effects,

Highway hawking is a thing that everyone is aware of,even the blinds without eyes.  Highway hawking is a sure thing that no one gladly accepts that it is good  enough for any living human to do as business,yet,no
one can surely say: Let it stop!

There is no doubt however,that highway hawking has brought about the death of many hawkers on the highway,who from time to time are struck by some passing vehicles. Many times many years however, one of the states Government in Nigeria,Lagos state,has sanctioned law prohibiting highway hawking in Lagos state. Recently however,the Lagos state governor,Governor Ambode reinstated the statement of fact as given by the law against highway hawking. This happened on June29,2016,when an oncoming truck knocked down a young hawker on the highway. Of course the hawker died,while the truck that struck him dead bounced again.

Why on earth would someone think of hawking on a highway? I am not in anyway saying that street hawking is okay enough for one to do,but at least in comparing these two things, that of the street is safer.

The worst of it all is the rate of the speed at which these hawkers run and chase running vehicles to sell goods to passengers in their vehicles. At time, these hawkers,run at such a speed that they would loss control of other goods in their hand,return and start picking them from one point to another. Many times too,passengers buy goods without paying the hawkers due to the fact that their drivers are unable to wait,and other times too,the hawkers would not have given the passengers their balance before their vehicle takes off.

There are no better advantages of hawking over those selling in a kiosk,or shops. What goods will you sell hawking on a high way that market traders would not be able to sale? What other profits would you make that those in their shops won't realize? The tale on highway hawking has never been a good one at all.  In our next write up,we will see how you and I will be able to stop highway hawking!!!

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