Monday, 20 February 2017

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According to reports,the number of teens being diagnosed with depression is increasing  at an alarming rate. What then can we say depression is,and what can be done about the problem? This is what this issue is here to discuss.

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The symptoms of depression can appear during adolescence and may include changes in sleep patterns,appetite,and weight. Feelings of despair,hopelessness, sadness,and worthlessness may also appear. Other signs include social withdrawal,trouble concentrating or remembering ,suicidal thoughts or actions,and medically unexplained symptoms. When mental health professionals suspect depression,they usually look for groups of symptoms that persist for weeks and that disrupt a person's everyday life.


According to WHO,depression,results from complex interaction of social,psychological,and biological factors that may include: excessive or chronic stress, stress as a result of parental divorce or separation,physical or s*xual abuse,and a serious accident,illness or a learning disability,especially if a child feels rejected.

So my dear young boys and girls,do you have any of those symptoms? If yes,here are what you should do:

First of all,take reasonable measures to care for your physical and mental health by eating good meals,taking sufficient sleep,and engaging in physical exercise regularly.
More importantly also,confide in someone you trust,not just in anyone you see. A supportive network of close family members and friends can help to cope more effectively with your depression!!!

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